How I unlocked my Alcatel One Touch X220L - the story in details


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How I Unlocked My Alcatel X220L USB Stick - the story in details

Half an year ago an account manager of a mobile network operator in Bulgaria visited the office of my mother in law and offered her some 3G usb sticks if she signs a contract for a given period. She agreed to sign the preliminary contract and started to wait for the sticks. She had been waiting for 2 months or so and had started consider notification of the account manager that the contract is no longer valid according to some of statements in the preliminary contract, when she received the sticks together with the SIM cards.

So long, so nice. My mother in law thought she had made a good investment in IT inrastructure as when the contract would have expired, the USB sticks would be available to be used for connection any network operator. As I am the person who occasionaly maintains the network in her office, she gave one of the sticks to me. I used it on 2 or 3 occasions. Not long ago I inserted a SIM card from another operator. After the connection utility asked me for the PIN, I was surprised the connection utility prompted me for an NLC code. That would be a network lock code! And the sales person who visited my mother in law had deceived her to think she makes a good investment while the operator supplied locked 3G usb sticks.

In such cases I really go mad at the whole sales world who overexaggerates your expectations for the product you buy. I would advise my mother in law to sue the netowrk operator and make it unlock the usb sticks. I had a look at the contract. It did not mention anywhere anything about any circumcision for the hardware to be used with another network operator. Then I looked around the net. There was a company which offered to unlock the usb stick for 6 GBP. Another one offered to unlock it for 26 USD. Then I saw a thread in a forum Nice, but there are risks to post your IMEI so that the whole world can see it. Eventually, there were some posts asking for NCK code for Alcatel One Touch X220L. An answer post said it was S220L. So that was it! I had to look for zn unlock program for S220L. I didnt actually find a program, but I found a website which was instantly printing the codes. which is much better to use so that the whole internet community can see my IMEI. And guess what - it worked.